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Turns out I stress eat – weight loss diary week two

My weigh in day is on a Wednesday, mainly because I used Bruce’s birthday as my last day of stuffing my face. After weighing in on week one and finding out that I lost 8lbs things started to go down hill. I know for a fact this is because I had been stressed and that resulted in stress eating.

One of highlights has to be when I realised I  stress eat. By stress eat I mean demolish 12 of Sophia’s chicken popcorn pieces purely because I was feeling slightly flustered. Once I realised what I had done I went and tracked them on the my fitness pal app. Thankfully the ferocious stuffing of chicken popcorn into my mouth didn’t ruin my efforts of the day. Once I had calmed down I had a moment where I realised I turn to food a lot when I feel stressed. Yes my readers, I love to stress eat.

I didn’t even realise that I stress eat.

I am that person that eats their feelings. Then I got stressed because I just had a few days from hell. Bruce is working late, I hadn’t made it to the supermarket. Getting Sophia organised for her bed took way longer than I expected. Bruce came to the rescue with a takeaway from our favourite Chinese restaurant at 9pm. At this point I was done for the day. My stomach got the better of me and I demolished that Chinese takeaway.

After eating it I decided I wasn’t going to get hung up on it. I’m human and sometimes life gets in the way. This isn’t me trying to drop a dress size. This is me attempting to loose 87lbs of weight! There will be times I’m out and times when I just haven’t been able to get to the shop.

Then the weekend came along.

The weekend has been children’s birthday party galore. Sophia has a busier social calendar than I do. This means that I can’t get out for long walks that I’ve been doing all week. Instead I’m surrounded by five year old’s, bouncy castles and party food. Now usually I would demolish a good few cupcakes but this weekend I managed to only have one and that was more out of politeness than it was craving a cake.

Mission : Find a way to make up for the lost weekend

I’m loving the fitbit app. I’m currently taking part in a few challenges. The groups on the app are awesome and I’ve became friends on there with a few people who are also trying to loose larger amounts of weight. Yesterday I decided to force myself to get out of the house and headed to Haddo. My steps are back up at 10,000+, I successfully tackled a giant hill that I’ve ALWAYS went out of my way to avoid.

What the scales said

Today was the day I had to jump onto the scales. After such a major loss last week I wasn’t expecting to loose much, possibly nothing at all. I’m happy to say that today the scales said I was 2lbs lighter! That’s 10lbs loss in two weeks and I couldn’t be happier.

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