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Weight loss diary – week one

Well here I am at the start of my 87lbs weight loss mission. Sick and tired of being overly plump and unhealthy I’ve put my foot down. I want to share my journey each week with you hopefully to show that this can be done. Perhaps you will read this and want to join in, or maybe you’ve been there and can fire tips my way!

I’ve known for a long time that this day needed to come. I could kick myself for managing to get my weight down after I had Sophia and then piling it all back on again. The only way i’m looking now is forwards. My first step was to re-download the my fitness pal app. I’ve become rather nifty at scanning my bar codes and weighing my food. Isn’t it amazing at how much we can over estimate the amount of food we should be eating?

Trying to kick the sugary drinks out of my life.

I have an addiction to Pepsi! I’m not a tea or coffee drinker what so ever but fizzy stuff is my downfall. My plan to kick this habit was to go cold turkey. Day one was pretty rough, not in terms of craving an ice cold glass of fizz but the headaches. The headaches were so painful I couldn’t function and no amount of painkillers was going to give me any relief. So I will hold my hands up and say I had half a can of cola. I’m assuming it was the lack of caffeine that was making my day hell but thankfully just that half a can took the buzz off. Yes I felt terrible having it but I need to be able to function as a mother and as a general human being. But I can officially say that I no longer chug down 2 litres a day. I’m having the odd can here and there and I mean VERY rarely. Water is my tipple of choice now, bring on the benefits and the weight loss!

Taking control of my eating habits.

This one for me I knew wouldn’t happen over night. My five year old eats better than I do. Working on my eating habits is going to be a struggle purely because I’m so fussy. You know those posts on Facebook about give yourself a point for each item you don’t eat? I usually don’t eat 90% of the foods listed, that gives you can idea on how fussy I truly am. I’ve been paying more attention to the nutrition information on food, adding different vegetables to my shopping trolley and forcing myself to try them. Now this has involved a lot of crazy facial expressions and even retching. Thank god for the internet and the amount of recipes that are to hand. I’m doing it in the name of weight loss, I just need to keep my end goal in mind.

I do find it amusing how many people close to me assume because I’ve began my weight loss journey that I must be starving? Let me tell you now that I’m in no way starving. If you find yourself in my company feel free to dig into that chocolate bar or Mcdonald’s! I’m not going to jump at you and take off with your food like a bat out of hell. Thanks to the my fitness pal app keeping track of what I’m putting into my body couldn’t be easier.

Feeling the burn

There will never be a perfect time to start exercising so stop waiting for it to happen! Thanks to my early Christmas present my fitbit versa watch has been motivating me to move all week. I loved nothing more than to lounge on the sofa with Netflix on. Usually you would find me with a share bar of chocolate or a share bag of crisps. Only problem was that I wouldn’t be sharing those. Now I’m aiming to do at least 10,000 steps a day and I’m trying to make myself more aware of how much time I spend sat on my bottom. When the weather has been OK I’ve been out and finding that I’m walking at least 5 km. The fresh air has left me feeling so refreshed and I’m remembering what it’s like to be tired again.

On the days it’s a little wetter or colder for my liking I have taken to YouTube. The amount of free workouts on their is crazy. Seriously if you want to start moving a little more get over their now. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner just make sure you’re sweating. I’ve always like the saying “sweat is my fat crying” even if it is a little one the cheesy side. It’s been so good to work up a sweat again! The further into my weight loss journey I get the more I will up my exercise! Bring it on!

Week one’s weight loss results

So my starting weight was was 224lbs. The heaviest I’ve ever been in my life.

My first weigh in showed I lost a whopping 8lbs! That takes me down to 216lbs which is just crazy. I didn’t dream of a weight loss this big to start me off but it certainly give me a little spring in my step. Now I know this won’t be the case every week but it’s a step in the right direction and that’s enough for me.

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