Lets visit Santa – how we got into the Christmas spirit

I remember when I was younger and how exciting it was to visit Santa. Seriously I could make myself ill with excitement, if that’s not dedication to old St Nicholas then I don’t know what is! To mark the first day of December we decided to take Sophia to visit the jolly old dude in the red suite.

The time had come to visit Santa

This has been booked for a while and we decided to book to visit Santa at the Trump golf club. I’ve never visited the club before but have heard great things. Let me just start off my saying it’s a beautiful place. Our visit with Santa was brilliant and actually the most relaxing Santa experience I think we have had.

Just remember if you want to go along you need to call up and book a date & time. I believe up the three children can visit Santa and his elf’s at one time however you can request a larger group. They will also try to organise longer, quieter visits with Santa for any children who may need this.

How is it even possible for visiting Santa to be relaxing?

Entry is £15.00 and although this may be more than other places it’s well worth it. When we arrived Sophia was given a gift bag of goodies by the elf at check in. Then we were taken to a room that had toys for her to play with and another lovely elf who took some photographs for us.

After a short wait the elf lead us through to Santa himself. A few big knocks at the door and in we went to his winter wonderland. Santa and Sophia had a lovely chat. He even indulged myself in a sing song of jingle bells. I promise this is only because Sophia was a wee bit shy. Thankfully Sophia mentioned some of the toys I mentioned in my toy haul!

Remember your camera!

For the first time, visiting Santa didn’t feel rushed. There was no long queue of impatient children waiting behind us. Santa’s elf took photos of us using our phones. Another tip, they don’t take official photographs so if you have a good camera bring it along. The elf will help capture a beautiful family moment.

As we were about to leave Santa gave Sophia a beautiful polar bear cuddly toy. It’s safe to say this toy is now tucked up in bed with her. I have a feeling it will be joining us everywhere we go.

Would we go again?

100% yes! If every Santa visit could be relaxing as this I would go and see him daily in December. If you want the magical experience without the hustle and bustle of typical Christmas crowds, this is the Santa for you! Plus there is nothing better than seeing the magic in your child’s eyes. It’s all about the memories and this is a fantastic one for us as a family.

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