Spring Self Care Ideas

Spring is coming! I’m so thrilled that Winter is coming to an end. I’m fully aware that I stay in Scotland so technically Spring can be the exact same as Winter weather wise. In fact in Scotland it’s the norm to get all seasons in one day but that doesn’t  mean I can’t remain positive. For me Spring brings a new lease of life. Everything feels fresher and things start to get more vibrant outdoors. I thought this would be the perfect post to share my favourite self care ideas for Spring.

My five Spring Self Care Tips

Get outdoors more

spring day out

It’s so easy to hide indoors for Winter only venturing out when it’s necessary. I’m so guilty of that! Although come Spring I’m ready to get out for adventures. I love going out for walks with Sophia to local parks. Visiting the beach is also one of my favourite things to do. Fresh air can do us all the world of good and help us dust of those slugging Winter vibes.

Declutter the house


 Now I’m a mother so this is an ongoing battle for me. I already made a head start on this one and tackled my bedroom. I decluttered my room to within an inch of it’s life, seriously. Not one piece of furniture remained untouched or undusted. I sorted through my clothes which ended up being around 16 bags I donated to the recycling bin at Sophias school. Even my makeup/skincare/haircare was decluttered. Old perfumes I’ve been holding onto for years were evicted. Handbags that haven’t seen the light of day for far too long said their fair wells. Now I have a fresh, well organised bedroom and this just helps me feel so much more relaxed spending time in there.



Our skin takes an absolute beating during the winter months. It’s needs also change throughout different seasons. It’s time to scrub that winter build up away. Introduce lighter lotions and potions for the warmer months. If you haven’t already think about adding an spf to your collection; thankfully many moisturisers and even cosmetics include an spf. Think fresh, clean and glowing when it comes to your Spring skincare routine.


scottish travel

As the weather improves it’s time to plan an adventure. This could be visiting somewhere in the same country or travelling further afield if you are lucky enough to be able to. It could be with friends, family or a quick trip with your partner. When Sophia is off on holiday I love taking her away for a few days. Usually it’s just visiting Glasgow or Edinburgh which is only a couple of hours away by car. Nothing beats our mummy daughter road trips. We make stops on the way to new places and keep everything very spontaneous.

Bring Spring to you

bedside flowers


Let Spring into the house, introduce lighter accessories. Add some colourful flowers or some new house plants. Give your garden a make over and add some new plants. Think light, fresh and positive vibes for your home this season. Bring Spring into your wardrobe by ditching the thermals and introducing some new key pieces to your wardrobe.

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