• Motherhood

    5 things I’m looking forward to this October holidays

    Life has been so hectic recently that I actually didn’t realise the October holidays were about to begin until earlier this week. Usually I’m on count down for different holidays so it was a pleasant surprise when I realised Sophia will be off for two whole weeks. Why do we have October holidays? Fun fact! Once upon a time the October holidays were known as the tattie holidays. That’s potato to you non Scottish folks out there. It was a chance for school kids to earn some money and a huge boost to farmers during their potato harvests. Now a days we don’t pack are kids up and send them…

  • Motherhood

    October update – what we have been up to recently

    It’s been a crazy few months and I’m always torn about if I should do these kind of updates or not. I’m pretty sure I’m just rambling to myself! But even if one person reads this and enjoys it then that is good enough for me. If I can’t ramble on my blog to you then where can I!? Let me take you back to a time when it was hot outside and we didn’t wake up to darkness. You may have read my post about Sophia beginning school way back in August. Well she started school, loves it, has friends and I was just a psychotic over protective mother…

  • Lifestyle

    Spooky accessories for your home this Halloween

    Halloween will soon be upon us! Now is the perfect time to add some spooky glamour to your home. I’m a huge fan of Halloween, it’s always been something I’ve loved! But how can you accessorise your home this Halloween? I cannot describe how much joy I get looking through all the different decor that is available at this time of year. Bruce knows that this is my thing, yes he occasionally rolls his eyes. But he knows to just roll with it for both Sophia and I. I have the greatest time putting together bags for children that are out trick or treating. Seeing all the costumes is just…

  • Fashion

    Coats that will keep you warm and stylish this season

    Lets discuss coats! First let me let you know that I’m an extremely fussy shopper. My favourite time to shop is Autumn/Winter however that doesn’t make me any less of a fussy shopper. The last time I bought a proper winter coat was 2013. How do I know that? Because it was a couple of months after I gave birth to Sophia. Now this coat was a big toasty parka with a huge furry hood and I loved it. That coat seen me through a lot! It lasted up until the last of the colder months earlier this year but it finally needed to go into retirement. Mission find a…

  • Lifestyle

    Autumn deep clean – tips on how to fight those bugs this Autumn

    Get your home ready for this Autumn & Winter and avoid those bugs! Why is it we associate deep cleaning with Spring? Everyone gets excited about getting the house fresh and ready for Spring & Summer but I say it’s time we get our homes ready for Autumn, but why? Typically as the colder months roll in we lock our homes down. When it’s cold you want to keep the windows closed and blast the heating. Everyone knows that chillier weather brings bugs. On every corner someone seems to be coughing, sneezing and there will always be someone off with some type of stomach bug. Germs simply love our air…

  • Job search

    My job search – a modern day interview

    Today I had an interview. But first let me take you further back in time to the lead up to this interview and why I’m on a job hunt. Is this the ending or time for a new chapter? Back in July I had to hand my notice into a job I loved. Without sounding big headed it was a job I was bloody good at too. Unfortunately the hours were no longer a good fit with family life so it was time to say goodbye. I was sad to leave a job I enjoyed doing, it gave me a way to be me again. Working honestly keeps me sane!…

  • plus size workout clothing

    Workout clothes for plus size women

    Finding workout clothes when you’re plus size can seem daunting. Perhaps you are already nervous about even considering taking up a fitness class or heading to the gym. So why is it so difficult to find decent plus size gym gear? Why do we have to settle for frumpy, baggy unfashionable sports wear? That’s if you can even find an actual store in your town that caters to your needs! Well I’m here to hopefully help you find the perfect sporty look that not only looks great but functions exactly how gym wear should! Every time I looked for workout clothes they were tiny! When I went to typical sport…

  • Survival list for motherhood

    10 things every mum needs to survive

    Lets talk about survival as a mother! When you become a mum you might have this image in your head that all of a sudden you will have your s**t together. You will have a child and become a domestic goddess over night, right? I can openly tell you that for me this was not the case. In fact five years on and I’m still trying to figure out why my life is a shambles. So what does it take to survive motherhood? Is it possible? Well I think i’m scraping by all right and not totally messing up if I do say so myself. These are 10 things that…

  • Beginning school

    Starting school – my feelings as a parent

    The time has come for Sophia to start school. You would think that I would be totally ready for this. Sophia will be five on the 25th August, she attended the schools nursery for two years and they were fantastic! That still doesn’t mean I feel completely ready to hug her goodbye and send her through the school gates. I will be totally honest I feel quite panicked about this huge milestone in my child’s life. As much as I joke that it means I will get some peace and quiet she is very much my partner in crime and I will be lost without her. School brings a lot…

  • Beauty

    My Beauty Products Must Haves – April 2018

    Want beauty products that work? I absolutely love beauty products! I’m slightly obsessed with them and I just can’t help myself. It can be anything. Makeup, skincare, body products, hair care and occasionally supplements. I get so excited when I get to try a new beauty product. One of my favourite things to do when I get the chance is a little spa night at home. I’m not talking about bringing in the professionals, I’m talking about raiding my beauty stash. Now I’ve been through loads of different lotions & potions. Many have been a waste of time but some do rock my world! Seeing as I have been off…