October update – what we have been up to recently

It’s been a crazy few months and I’m always torn about if I should do these kind of updates or not. I’m pretty sure I’m just rambling to myself! But even if one person reads this and enjoys it then that is good enough for me. If I can’t ramble on my blog to you then where can I!?

Let me take you back to a time when it was hot outside and we didn’t wake up to darkness.

You may have read my post about Sophia beginning school way back in August. Well she started school, loves it, has friends and I was just a psychotic over protective mother on the verge of a break down! I’m also loving the fact she has a uniform. Less washing for me! Woohoo! Sophia settled into school really well and was so excited to see all of her friends. She didn’t even look back at her dad and I on the first day as she walked in with her class mates. Although the house is super quiet without Sophia here to keep me company.


Mummy & daddy weekend away cancelled.

B and I were looking forward to a weekend away in Edinburgh but we decided to cancel it. One reason was because we couldn’t justify spending so much money in the run up to Christmas. We’ve also been plagued with bad luck. B’s windscreen cracked & then the washing machine broke! Sophia has 10 million birthday parties coming up. So we decided we would do a night out together in Aberdeen instead, maybe go see a band somewhere. Why is it that I always feel guilty spending money on myself!? I make sure everyone else I well taken care of while anything I pick up for myself gets put back on the shelf. Does anyone else have this issue?

Our family of three became a family of four.

No I haven’t had a secret pregnancy I just like my food. On the 6th October we adopted a rescue kitten! Sophia has always been cat mad. B and I had been discussing getting a family pet now we have been settled in her house for three years. So I had been keeping a look out for a potential pet we could adopt and offer them a forever home. Then this little beauty caught my eye and we all fell in love with a little fluff ball of darkness. A quick email to enquire about her, a visit on Saturday and we took Luna home with us. Sophia is love stuck, Luna has settled in really well and it’s lovely having our first family pet. If you are considering getting a pet I would always say “adopt don’t shop!”. We adopted Luna from the Cat Action Trust and they are fantastic.  They have branches in West Wales, Devon & Cornwall, Lanarkshire, NE Scotland and Somerset.

rescue kitten

What’s coming up?

We are super excited for Halloween and are having a small family party at ours the weekend before Halloween. Sophia will be going to her first school disco which takes me a couple of seconds to mentally digest at times. I also need to pull my finger out and start thinking about Christmas. I’m terrible for leaving everything until December and financially it causes so much stress. I may actually go and order some presents once I finish this post. Wish me luck!

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