5 things I’m looking forward to this October holidays

Life has been so hectic recently that I actually didn’t realise the October holidays were about to begin until earlier this week. Usually I’m on count down for different holidays so it was a pleasant surprise when I realised Sophia will be off for two whole weeks.

Why do we have October holidays?

Fun fact! Once upon a time the October holidays were known as the tattie holidays. That’s potato to you non Scottish folks out there. It was a chance for school kids to earn some money and a huge boost to farmers during their potato harvests. Now a days we don’t pack are kids up and send them off to a farm. Can you imagine the uproar if we did?

Autumn on An English Farm- Agriculture in Britain, 1941 D5062
By Ministry of Information Photo Division Photographer, via Wikimedia Commons

So if I’m not sending Sophia off to pick tatties during her October holidays what will get up to? I like to think of it now as Halloween prep time. We have arts and crafts lined up. I may do some baking although I can’t guarantee it will be edible. Ideally I want to get out and about with Sophia. Visit places we don’t usually go and enjoy some autumn fresh air.

It feels like so long ago Sophia started school. I’m so thrilled to have some time off with her. Why am I excited?

1. No school run.

Time for my confession. I suck at the school run! I’m always running late because I’m not a morning person! I feel like I wake up and it’s all go, go, go. I can’t wait to just wake up naturally and to have a more relaxed pace over the holidays. You want to take an hour to eat one piece of toast Sophia? Be my guest!

2. Lazy days.

The October holidays are 100% going to involve lazy days. I want to stay in my PJ’s, lounge around and eat snacks. Quick find me a blanket to hibernate with.

3. Quality time with Sophia.

Since Sophia started school shes out of the house for 6 hours. Now some days this is great! I can get cleaning done without going round in circles. It gives me time for my blog, I can do a food shop alone and every mum knows that is like a spa trip! But I do miss how much we used to get out and about together. Our October holidays are going to hopefully be filled with mini adventures and days out.

4. Halloween prep.

I have literally stocked up on Halloween arts & crafts. I’m more excited about doing them than Sophia is. We took a trip to Hobby Craft and bought ceramic pumpkins & skulls to paint and decorate. Their blog actually has some great ideas to keep your little one entertained. It will also be time to take our home grown pumpkin in from the garden. We need to make up the goody bags for trick or treaters and decorate the house for our little family party we are having.

october holidays

5. Not running on a time schedule.

Zero time schedule! I haven’t made any appointments, I’m not expected to be anywhere at a certain time. Sophia and I can just go with the flow. We can just stroll around and go where we want, when we want. Perfect!

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