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my weight loss journey : the beginning of a 84lbs weight loss

I can’t believe I’m writing this but I’ve finally began my weight loss journey! OK I’m only three days in but I knew straight away that I wanted to share this journey with you. I’m sure there will be highs & lows, losses & gains but I just couldn’t share this.

For anyone who doesn’t know I’m Sharon. The person behind Life According To Sharon. A mother to a five year old living in Scotland, sick and tired of my weight. After I gave birth and had recovered back in 2013 I was so motivated to become healthier and drop some weight. I did pretty bloody well too! I lost 5st (70lbs), was more active to the point I ended up working in a gym and was a few dress sizes smaller. My skin was glowing and I was generally happier with myself. Then s**t hit the fan as it often does with life. All of my old habits crept back and here I am back at square one.

The current weight situation

I’m cringing sharing this but I currently weigh 16st (224lbs). This is the biggest I’ve ever been and I hate it. I’m 5ft 2 tall and wearing a UK size 20-22. I can’t believe when I was a size 14-16 before I had Sophia I thought I was huge. What I would do to be in a size 14 again! The only exercise I get is walking back and forth to the fridge for my refill of Pepsi. Well enough was enough, I was done hanging around waiting for my motivation to randomly reappear. I decided the day after my partners birthday was the perfect day to begin. The 14th November 2018 will always be marked down in my diary as the day I got this weight loss journey going.

Why I want to lose weight

My weight loss journey is for me, my health and my family. I want to learn to love my body again and become healthier. This has a lot to do with my eating habits which are terrible. Seriously Sophia eats better than I do because I was determined she wouldn’t be as fussy as I am.

My weight loss goal

When it comes to setting my weight loss goals I like to break it up. Short term goals and longer term goals. I like to set my short term goals as loosing 1st (14lbs) at a time. Then I also add in fitness goals, something along the lines of completing a fitness challenge or trying a new class. My long term goals are to get my weight down to 10st (140lbs) and to tackle my fussy eating habits which have so far lasted 27 years! So with my 6st (84lbs) weight loss goal I decided there was no such thing as a perfect time to start.

Goodbye to my uncomfortable wobbly bits and twenty chins!

So there we have it! It’s going to be a long journey but I knew it was time to stop delaying. If you have any tips to share, words of wisdom when it comes to weight loss and complete lifestyle overhauls make sure you get in touch down below! You can also keep up to date with my journey over on Instagram.

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