How To Declutter Your Bedroom

Mission declutter your bedroom is a go!

Is there anything better than deciding to declutter your bedroom? I am one of these people who all of a sudden finds something that is agitating me and something needs to be done about it there and then. My bedroom has been driving me crazy recently! It’s quite a small space, the storage options aren’t the best and sometimes I just treat it as a space to pass out in. Who doesn’t want their bedroom to be the perfect place to retreat to after a long hard day? I needed a space that worked for my needs. A space that is clutter free as well as being crisp and clean looking.

Improving my storage options.

Our home is a new build and typically the bedrooms aren’t know for being huge. We have built in wardrobes that my partner add shelves too . Both of us also have two tiny bedside drawers because that is all that would fit in the space. The first thing we decided on together was that we needed to buy a ottoman bed. Beds with hidden storage are a great way to keep the clutter at bay. Typically under our bed are things like coats and shoes we won’t be using, Bruce stores his motorbike gear and we also have one side that is where we keep our clean linen and towels. It means that the things we don’t need access to daily have a place to stay and are out of the way.

Tackling my wardrobe.

This one was a biggy I’m not going to lie. The amount of clothes I recycled shocked me. I had around 16 black bags of clothes I never wear, shoes and occasionally simply one shoe! Handbags that I was holding onto for god knows what. I seriously think you need to be brutal when it comes to decluttering your wardrobe.

My tips for decluttering your wardrobe

♥ Hang up all of your clothes with the hangers facing the same way, as you take out an item out to wear replace it the opposite way. After a couple of weeks you will see what items you haven’t touched, it’s time to remove them from your wardrobe.

♥ Have clothes in your wardrobe that are too big or too small? I did and I was always telling myself they might fit me again one day. Remember I said be brutal… add these items to your pile that is leaving your life.

♥ These items can really help boost your storage without needing to take over another room in the house. I love my wardrobe organiser for storing my tshirts and less dressy items. It’s my perfect place to keep all of my lounge wear. It’s about being smart when it comes to trying to declutter your bedroom.

declutter your bedroom

Wardrobe organiser | Amazon | £11.59

declutter your bedroom

MARCHY Metal Clothes Hangers | Amazon | £13.99

declutter your bedroom

Magic Space Saver Storage Rack | Amazon | £12.00 for two

organise your wardrobe

Extending & Stackable Shoe Rack | Lakeland | £18.99

Organising your beauty products

One area of my room that always gets out of control is my makeup, beauty products and hair products. It’s easy to quickly launch them into a giant box but by doing that I totally forget what treasures are stuck at the bottom of that box. If you are lucky enough to have a dressing table there are loads of options of storage boxes that are not only practical but look nice. If you need more storage the RÅSKOG trolley from Ikea is a fantastic option. Again you can be savvy and divide the trolley up using different storage containers. I like to make sure I have a make up brush holder and because my make up obsession is out of control I split it into different bags. One bag for foundation, powers, blushers and so on, another bag for eye products and then my bag with all my lipsticks. I’ve also seen some people have spray painted this trolley to customise it and they have looked awesome!

organise your makeuporganise your makeup

RÅSKOG Trolley – Ikea – £49.00

Adding the finishing touches.

So you have managed to declutter your bedroom. It’s all organised and now it’s time to add those finishing touches. I personally love to have some candles in my bedroom.Occasionally  I will have some fresh flowers. Adding photographs or prints can help bring some character into your bedroom. I actually purchased a round vase kind of like an old school fish bowl and added some fairy lights. I was recently introduced to  and I will hold my hands up and say I am obsessed with some of their wall art options.

And those are my hints and tips from when I finally attempted to declutter my bedroom! Hopefully I’ve managed to help you figure out how to organise your boudoir and make it the perfect space to retreat to at night.

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  • Lisa

    Ooo just ordered some of those hangers! My wardrobe is tiny so I need to make the most of the space. Thanks for sharing these ideas ❤️

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