Create your very own Christmas Eve box for kids

Christmas Eve boxes have been all the rage the past few Christmas’s. They can include snacks, a Christmas movie and even some cosy pj’s. I thought it would be a great idea to put a little guide together to help you make the perfect Christmas Eve box for your little people!

Yes you could just buy a Christmas Eve box, there are some great ones out there. Although Christmas can be such a hectic time of year I do love adding small traditions for my family to enjoy. I also make it my mission to try and make sure Christmas Eve is pretty much free to enjoy quality time with Sophia and her dad. Lets say it’s the calm before the storm – a very fun storm of Christmas good, gifts and games!

Picking the perfect box!

There are lots of options and something for everyone’s budget. If you are crafty you can pick up boxes and crates from hobby craft that you can paint and decorate yourself. Etsy is usually my go to store when my crafty side is in hiding!

christmas eve  These adorable boxes from a store called Dotty Hens on Etsy are super affordable. The small box is only £2.29 and the large box is £4.29.

christmas eve

I’m a huge fan of these Christmas Eve crates. You could use this time and time again and they are only £11.95 from My B Graphics on Etsy.

Another Christmas Eve box option is this one from Roger and Ralph GB. This box costs £24.95 and couldn’t be any more Christmas if it tried!

Christmas Eve box picked now what to put into it!

Your Christmas Eve box doesn’t need cost a fortune. You want to fill it with things that can create special memories!


Pick a Christmas film you all love – One of my favourites is The Polar Express. It’s always on at least once in our home over the festive period.


Cosy pj’s are a must have item – I am guilty of loving Christmas pj’s, jumpers and even those socks everyone moans about. If you’re not going to get into the proper spirit of things do you really deserve the Christmas dinner? A special pair of Christmas pj’s just help us get in the mood and for Sophia it’s almost that final step to Santa coming. These Santa are on his way pj’s from Blueberry Boo Kids on Not On The Highstreet are cosy Christmas pj perfection!


Every Christmas Eve needs snacks – Think of it as prepping for the big day. We like to have things Sophia can make. This Gingerbread House kit would be a fantastic addition to your box.

You could add some of these hot chocolate cones – who doesn’t want to sit back and relax with a nice hot drink!?

Sometimes I just fill Sophia’s with her favourite snacks. She loves popcorn and a chocolate Santa that you can find almost everywhere during the festive months.

Other bits and pieces for your Christmas Eve box

Other things you may want to add are things like Reindeer food. Usually this will pop up from a local seller who is usually raising money for a charity or you could make your own. Christmas themed colouring in sheets are something you can easily find online for free and keep kids busy. Baker Ross is a great website that is full of arts & craft items that you could add to your box. If your child is interested in animals and nature then ingredients to make a home made bird feeder is a great idea, The hungry birds will thank you.

There isn’t a right or wrong way when it comes to making your Christmas Eve box. Just know that no matter what you fill it with, your child is going to love it!


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