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christmas gifts for a five year old – what I’ve bought so far

I can find it difficult deciding what to buy Sophia when it comes to Christmas. I’m putting this down to the fact that in previous occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, toys just don’t get used that much. You could spend a fortune on the “in” gift this year however when it comes to Christmas gifts for a five year old who knows what will happen.

For example Sophia went on about this one toy for like a year and a half. It was a white toy cat named Bianca. Once we decided to buy it for her birthday the toy wasn’t looked at for more than an hour if that. A few months later Bianca the toy cat was on her way to a charity shop! This is the very reason I think I struggle with what to get Sophia for Christmas. I know for a fact most parents have been there. You’ve decided to spend a little more on one gift in particular. Only for your child to fall in love with the box it came in!

That doesn’t I can’t get her anything. I’m not that mean guys! It does however mean that I need to put a lot of thought into Christmas gift buying. So what Christmas gifts have I bought our five year old? I’m not finished with my Christmas shopping. In fact I’ve hardly began. But here is what I’ve got so far:

Vtech kidi superstar light show

When we visit Costco Sophia takes off to the karaoke machines. I decided to order the Vtech kidi superstar light show. Sophia has been loving her singing recently and I’m also excited for a quick go. I might have to supply ear plugs for anyone going around while I belt out a tune thought!

Fairground popcorn machine

Who doesn’t love a popcorn machine? Sophia and I love having cosy movie nights and this just had to be added to her Christmas gift list. I’m going to get some retro looking popcorn bags or tubs and have a themed movie night with her. This popcorn maker is £29.95 over on Amazon.

LEGO Disney Princess Rapunzel’s travelling caravan

Lego is always a winner in our home. It’s actually one of the only things that Sophia will ask to play with a few times a week. Her imagination runs wild when it comes to thinking up her own Lego creations.

Zoomer enchanted unicorn toy

I thought we missed the unicorn stage but clearly not. Sophia would have unicorn everything if she could. I just know that she is going to be thrilled when she wakes up and discovers she had her very own unicorn.

What else is on our Christmas list for our five year old?

All I know is that I need to get my hands on a pink Scruff A Luvs. That is my mission for this week when Sophia is in school. Sophia is also fascinated with the stars and the moon and has been since I can remember. So I was thinking of picking up a telescope. Honestly I just feel like Christmas has come round so fast this year! I still need to get things for her Christmas eve box!


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