Christmas gift guide 2018

Christmas gift shopping fills some of us with joy and the rest of us with dread. It’s the most festive time of the year, everyone is jolly, the kids are excited but you need to think of the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. If you’re like me then you are also left with your partner’s gift buying too. Because if I don’t do it then who the hell knows what his side of the family will open on Christmas day.

Everyone comes out of the woodwork for some Christmas fun!

There is already a list of things you need to get done! From decorating to Christmas dinner needing bought, prepared and cooked. Then let’s throw in that all of a sudden everyone you know wants to become sociable. You end up with Christmas party invitations coming out of your ears! Maybe you decide you want to try some of those recipes for cute Christmas cakes and snacks on Pinterest. Although Christmas is a fun time of years it’s also a crazy time.

My Christmas gift buying talent comes and goes. Some years I know exactly what I want to get everyone. Other years I’m scrolling online or dragging myself around shops looking, picking up, humming and hawing then putting everything I’ve picked back! Add in the torment of the same old Christmas tunes being played over and over again. It really is enough to give even the most relaxed of people the full blown Christmas fear.

I envy the people who started picking the perfect gifts months ago. Some people I know even have their presents wrapped! And yes I’m one of those people who say “that’ll be me next year!” But its a lie! Although I have improved slightly. I started making a note of things in my phone that Sophia shows an interest in or that her dad looks twice at.

If your inspiration is running low you’ve come to the perfect place.


Christmas gifts for her –

Lush – Christmas Bathtime Favourites

I love a trip to lush and I can never have too many bath bombs in my house waiting to be used. I now have Sophia quickly bathing her way through my lush stash. This gift box is perfect for everyone. It contains 9 bath bombs that are all amazing. B if you’re reading this, take the hint… I WANT IT!

Little Attic – Cinnamon Scented Soy Candle

I think candles are a great Christmas gift purchase. I like to try and buy from a smaller retailer as I know how much effort goes into making their candles – a lot! If you can find a decent candle maker you are sorted for life. They will smell amazing, burn great and last you a while.

A spa treatment

The things I would do for someone to send me away to a spa for a treatment or two! I bet there is a spa near you with some great Christmas vouchers on offer. Gift someone an experience rather than an item, they will love you for it.

Gifts for him –

Amazon – Beer and Cheese Hamper

Beer and nibbles… need I say more!? I don’t think so.

Amazon – Echo Dot

My dad loves his Echo dot. It was also pretty entertaining watching him figure out what it could do. Now all of my family have them! 

Tickets to a show

Is there a band or a show he would love to see? Get him tickets for a perfect Christmas gift.

Gifts for kids –

Amazon – Scruff A Luvs Rescue Pet Soft Toy

I have a feeling these will be flying off the shelves at Christmas gets closer. What can only be described as what starts as a scruffy round soft toy until you wash and groom it to discover if you have a cat, dog or rabbit.

Amazon – Chow Crown Game

Move over Pie Face there is a new family game in town this Christmas. Attach snacks and try to eat them while they spin around before the music stops. It’s the simple things that can be the funniest!

Amazon – Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego

Lego will always be a winner when it comes to picking a gift for children. Harry Potter is another thing that just seems to get bigger and bigger, year after year!



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For more festive fun check out my post on putting together the perfect Christmas Eve box for kids!

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