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    Turns out I stress eat – weight loss diary week two

    My weigh in day is on a Wednesday, mainly because I used Bruce’s birthday as my last day of stuffing my face. After weighing in on week one and finding out that I lost 8lbs things started to go down hill. I know for a fact this is because I had been stressed and that resulted in stress eating. One of highlights has to be when I realised I  stress eat. By stress eat I mean demolish 12 of Sophia’s chicken popcorn pieces purely because I was feeling slightly flustered. Once I realised what I had done I went and tracked them on the my fitness pal app. Thankfully the…

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    Weight loss diary – week one

    Well here I am at the start of my 87lbs weight loss mission. Sick and tired of being overly plump and unhealthy I’ve put my foot down. I want to share my journey each week with you hopefully to show that this can be done. Perhaps you will read this and want to join in, or maybe you’ve been there and can fire tips my way! I’ve known for a long time that this day needed to come. I could kick myself for managing to get my weight down after I had Sophia and then piling it all back on again. The only way i’m looking now is forwards. My…

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    my weight loss journey : the beginning of a 84lbs weight loss

    I can’t believe I’m writing this but I’ve finally began my weight loss journey! OK I’m only three days in but I knew straight away that I wanted to share this journey with you. I’m sure there will be highs & lows, losses & gains but I just couldn’t share this. For anyone who doesn’t know I’m Sharon. The person behind Life According To Sharon. A mother to a five year old living in Scotland, sick and tired of my weight. After I gave birth and had recovered back in 2013 I was so motivated to become healthier and drop some weight. I did pretty bloody well too! I lost…