• cozy soft blanket with a cup in the form of a snowman with Christmas candies on the bed with flashlights. Cristmas New Year concept lazy morning, warm winter mood

    Christmas Pyjamas – Matching pjs for all the family

    Matching Christmas pyjamas are all the rage this year. I’m not usually into the whole matching family threads but this is one look I am loving. Although I can’t imagine I will be able to convince Bruce to join in on the Christmas pyjama tradition! That doesn’t mean Sophia and I can’t enjoy the cosiness of new Christmas pj’s on Christmas Eve. After all we are trying to include some Christmas magic each day in December. Now move over Christmas jumpers, there is a new look in town! Cute Christmas pyjamas you can rock this festive season. Now if you are yet to stumble across some adorable Pj’s don’t worry.…

  • Fashion

    Coats that will keep you warm and stylish this season

    Lets discuss coats! First let me let you know that I’m an extremely fussy shopper. My favourite time to shop is Autumn/Winter however that doesn’t make me any less of a fussy shopper. The last time I bought a proper winter coat was 2013. How do I know that? Because it was a couple of months after I gave birth to Sophia. Now this coat was a big toasty parka with a huge furry hood and I loved it. That coat seen me through a lot! It lasted up until the last of the colder months earlier this year but it finally needed to go into retirement. Mission find a…

  • plus size workout clothing

    Workout clothes for plus size women

    Finding workout clothes when you’re plus size can seem daunting. Perhaps you are already nervous about even considering taking up a fitness class or heading to the gym. So why is it so difficult to find decent plus size gym gear? Why do we have to settle for frumpy, baggy unfashionable sports wear? That’s if you can even find an actual store in your town that caters to your needs! Well I’m here to hopefully help you find the perfect sporty look that not only looks great but functions exactly how gym wear should! Every time I looked for workout clothes they were tiny! When I went to typical sport…