Autumn deep clean – tips on how to fight those bugs this Autumn

Get your home ready for this Autumn & Winter and avoid those bugs!

Why is it we associate deep cleaning with Spring? Everyone gets excited about getting the house fresh and ready for Spring & Summer but I say it’s time we get our homes ready for Autumn, but why?

Typically as the colder months roll in we lock our homes down. When it’s cold you want to keep the windows closed and blast the heating. Everyone knows that chillier weather brings bugs. On every corner someone seems to be coughing, sneezing and there will always be someone off with some type of stomach bug. Germs simply love our air tight cosier homes. Many habits we change from one season to another also make it the ideal place for these germs to thrive. So how do I get my home prepared for Autumn?

Winter cleaning tips

Deep clean your living room.

I love to pull my furniture out and vacuum areas I wouldn’t usually be able to reach. It’s unbelievable the amount of dust that can gather in those hard to reach spaces. I’m not someone who needs to live in a spotless house. A tiny bit of clutter is not going to freak me out and as a parent some days a quick whizz round with a duster is all I have time for. On the days I can get into all those nooks and crannies  and give them a good clean the house feels fresher.

Things like the sofa and our rug I love to spray with something like the Dettol All-in-One Disinfectant Spray. Lets face it the sofa is probably one of the most used items in our homes. People can be in and out and children have a life mission to try and make the sofa as dirty as possible. Once I give the sofa a good vacuum I give it a good going over with the disinfectant spray, leave it to air dry, relax and know that it’s pretty much germ free.

Tackle your kitchen this Autumn

Yes it’s common to make sure we clean the dishes properly. You should be wiping down your worktops before and after preparing food. But when is the last time you deep cleaned your fridge? I mean removed all the shelves, cleaned inside and out… even got into the rubber seals around the door! I wipe mines down with hot soapy water and then spray it with an anti bacterial spray like this one from Method. Just make sure you leave it for five minutes before you wipe it and your fridge will be as good as new. The Method anti bac is made from naturally derived lactic acid and is totally safe to use around pets.

I make sure I wipe down the bin lid daily and get those door handles & light switches while i’m at it to prevent bugs from being passed around.

Keep your bedroom fresh

Take the opportunity to wash your pillows and duvets especially after you have been ill. Give your mattress a good vacuum and I like to spray it down with the dettol spray. If you can’t fit your duvet into your washing machine and find that a professional clean is too expensive think about replacing it. The anti allergy duvet from Silentnight actively combats bacteria and deters dust mites. I personally have this duvet on our bed and Sophia’s bed.

Make your bathroom sparkle

We pay so much attention to the toilet bowl being scrubbed and bleached to within an inch of its life but what about the sink? I have witnessed people just give it a light going over with a damp cloth. All I can think is people are touching that tap with dirty hands it needs more than a quick wipe! Enter Zoflora to the cleaning game! If you haven’t heard of this stuff where have you been hiding? It’s gotten so popular it has it’s own groups on Facebook! It smells amazing, has LOADS of uses and kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. I use Zoflora on the bath, on the floors, on the sink basically any area I can wipe. Remember that germs love damp warm places so your bathroom is the ideal place for them to hide out.

 Other tips for your home this Autumn

  • Consider using a dehumidifier! Over the colder months we start to leave our clothes to dry indoors rather than outside. Add the heating to this scenario and it’s the perfect damp breeding ground for bacteria and mould! Using a dehumidifier can help combat this problem and sometimes you find your clothes even dry quicker!

  • Wipe items down that your little people touch with an anti bac wipe or spray before tidying it away. Lets face it, we have all found a gross toy that has been stashed away somewhere.
  • Consider purchasing an air purifier. Keep the air in your home fresh with an air purifier, they can neutralise dust, allergens and bacteria.

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