October adventures in and around Aberdeen

I made it my mission to get out and about more with Sophia during her October holidays. We had two weeks to go on adventures together and I wanted to visit places in and around Aberdeen we don’t usually visit. Autumn in Scotland is beautiful. There are plenty choices of activities around Aberdeen, even when the weather is getting on the chilly side.

Two weeks, 336 hour’s with a very active five year old!

Did I mention that five year olds have loads of energy? Sophia is always on the go and also loves to eat 24/7. Thankfully I had a few tricks up my sleeve to try and tire her out!

We visited some of the castles around Aberdeen.

We really are spoilt living in Aberdeen. The fact we can go from being in the city to being in the countryside so quickly. Aberdeenshire also have lovely castles you can visit so we decided to add some to our list. Even if you find yourself here out of season, the walks within the grounds are beautiful and who knows what you may find!

I knew 100% that Craigievar Castle was on my list. This pink castle can be found not far from Aberdeen and the drive at this time of year was beautiful. Rubbish planning from myself meant the castle was actually closed on the day – oops! That didn’t stop Sophia from having her very own adventure around the stunning scenery.

Some quick thinking after realising Craigievar Castle was closed and we were off for a stroll. Sophia had fun finding conkers and now has a hefty collection of them. She also went looking for the big bad wolf and decided she was Little Red Riding Hood. Childrens imaginations can truly run wild here.

Where as my imagination started to run wild when I stumbled across this holiday cottage. Right away all I wanted to do was book this picturesque cottage for Christmas. I’m positive I stood daydreaming about being there surrounded by the castle and snow. One day I will make this happen!

The views around the castle are pretty fantastic too. Although a little windy and cold, just wrap up warm and you will be fine. Craigievar Castle is well worth it.

There is always time to discover a new play park or two.

During two family walks we stumbled across two new play areas for children. One in the Haddo estate and the second in the grounds of Crathes Castle. Both not far from Aberdeen at all and well worth the short trip. Sophia and I even managed to get into Crathes Castle because I wen’t when it was actually open. Apparently my planning skills were much more up to scratch that day. 

Haddo House is always one of our favourite places to go for a family stroll. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been in love with the grounds and the house itself. Sophia loves feeding the ducks and they now have a newer play park area that was very popular with loads of children on the day. Perfect for trying to burn off some of your child’s energy!

Crathes Castle is another place in Aberdeenshire that i’ve always been fond of. Although I hadn’t visited in a long time and this was Sophia’s first visit to Crathes! She had the time of her life exploring the castle, the staff were amazing and then she stumbled upon this brand new play area!

It really is a great play area! Although be warned you do need to pay £3 per child to enter the area so make sure you have some cash on you to avoid disappointing any mini people.

What I can report is that climbing the stairs of Crathes Castle and then climbing all over this play park tired Sophia out. She actually fell asleep during the car ride home which is something she hasn’t done for a long time! Pack your picnic basket up and head there now!

Next up – Christmas Holidays!

I’m still in shock that October is nearly over. This sounds so cliche but this year really had flown by! Over the next few weeks I will be starting my Christmas shopping. Sophia has already been letting me know exactly what she wants from Santa. Autumn & Winter always is a busy time of the year for everyone but I’m super excited to start planning our Christmas Eve boxes as a matter of fact this year I may even make myself one!

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