Survival list for motherhood

10 things every mum needs to survive

Lets talk about survival as a mother!

When you become a mum you might have this image in your head that all of a sudden you will have your s**t together. You will have a child and become a domestic goddess over night, right? I can openly tell you that for me this was not the case. In fact five years on and I’m still trying to figure out why my life is a shambles. So what does it take to survive motherhood? Is it possible? Well I think i’m scraping by all right and not totally messing up if I do say so myself. These are 10 things that have made my experience of motherhood that bit easier!

Leggings –

I LIVE in leggings! Hot day? Cold day? It’s a leggings kind of day. Leggings have remained a best friend to me throughout pregnancy and they were comfortable after I had Sophia. Now they are coming in handy for the school run because I can chuck them on before I run out the door. You can dress them up or down and they hide hairy legs that have been well and truly neglected. Leggings are life!

Tablet –

This can be a touchy subject but Sophia has a tablet! I’m not talking top of the range i pad but she does have an amazon fire tablet. Some of the kids apps are actually fantastic and educational and believe it or not certain apps even helped with her speech delay! I actually prefer Sophia to be on her tablet rather than sat in front of the TV because she is learning and interacting.

WiFi –

I don’t think I could live without WiFi now! I wouldn’t survive. If i’m bored I can watch Netflix, if I’ve been stuck in the house and feel like a recluse I love a snoop on Instagram. Have a question about parenting? The internet usually is involved at some point. Food shops, clothes shopping without the stress of changing rooms and ques!

Pyjamas –

Not going anywhere? Keep your pj’s on! I lived in my pyjamas and still do when I’m not leaving the house. Is there anything better than the comfort of pj’s!? Feeling fancy? Slip into something silky! Want to be comfortable then you dig out that ancient pair you have never been able to separate yourself from.

Dry shampoo –

I was the kind of gal that washed her hair every single day. My hair is fine so it turns into a mega grease ball instantly. Dry shampoo when you’re running late or you’re just to exhausted to give a crap about washing your hair is life saving. If it means I can have that extra hour in bed or lounging on the sofa demolishing a pack of chocolate digestives its worth it!

My mum –

She kept me sane throughout the baby stages, came to the rescue through the toddler tantrums and still to this day just listens to me rant when I need to blow off some steam. My mum watched Sophia for me while I worked, she has her for sleepovers when Bruce and I can be bothered to attempt a date night. You name it she has done it! This woman even offered to check my stitches after I had Sophia. If that’s not love then I don’t know what the hell is! My mum is a legend and I appreciate her so much more since I became a mum.

Hayu –

Ugh is there anything better than some reality shows!? I’m addicted to the Real Housewives, my guilty pleasure is Keeping up with the Kardashians and I just don’t care what you think! Easy watching during night feeds or when Sophia is ill is exactly what I needed and need now. I don’t get out much anymore so their dramas can be the most exciting thing to happen to me all day!

Wine –

Wine is sometimes my friend, It depends how I feel the morning after drinking said wine. It’s for celebrations and days you consider running away. Wine can just help take that buzz off occasionally. Perfect for take away night in your pj’s while you’re watching trashy tv!

Den building –

Sophia literally loves a den! Just a sheet over two tables will do. She takes all of the cushions off the sofa to close herself in and will chill in her self made den for HOURS! What you do with those hours is up to you. I usually lounge on the sofa thinking about the dishes needing done and the washing that needs hung up. What a life!

My phone –

It’s just got everything I need! Capturing special moments, snooping around on Facebook, gossiping with friends you haven’t been able to see in months! It’s sad to say but my phone is always on me. I would be googling things like “quick mum hairstyles” or “how many wet nappies should my baby have”. To be honest my google history is probably the weirdest jumble of searches ever. One of the things that helps me survive is sharing ridiculous memes with my sisters. And shockingly yes I have handed over my phone to Sophia while we have sat in a restaurant because I just want peace to eat my food like I could before I became mum!

And there we have it. My survival list that has kept me sane! If you had to create a survival list what would you put on it?

Check out my post on how I felt about becoming a mum to a school kid! P.S It all turned out fine on the first day!

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