• last minute gift ideas for her

    Last minute gift ideas for her this Christmas

    Hopefully I’m not the only person that has realised they’ve forgotten a gift here and there for Christmas. If you are like me then this last minute gift guide should give you plenty of inspiration, without having to scroll through countless websites hoping to find the perfect Christmas present. It can be so easy to panic and buy absolute rubbish just for the sake of buying when it comes to picking a last minute gift. I’m positive these gifts I have added below will not only be well received but also well used. Lets not waste our money on a gift that will gather dust in the back of a…

  • cozy soft blanket with a cup in the form of a snowman with Christmas candies on the bed with flashlights. Cristmas New Year concept lazy morning, warm winter mood

    Christmas Pyjamas – Matching pjs for all the family

    Matching Christmas pyjamas are all the rage this year. I’m not usually into the whole matching family threads but this is one look I am loving. Although I can’t imagine I will be able to convince Bruce to join in on the Christmas pyjama tradition! That doesn’t mean Sophia and I can’t enjoy the cosiness of new Christmas pj’s on Christmas Eve. After all we are trying to include some Christmas magic each day in December. Now move over Christmas jumpers, there is a new look in town! Cute Christmas pyjamas you can rock this festive season. Now if you are yet to stumble across some adorable Pj’s don’t worry.…

  • visit-santa

    Lets visit Santa – how we got into the Christmas spirit

    I remember when I was younger and how exciting it was to visit Santa. Seriously I could make myself ill with excitement, if that’s not dedication to old St Nicholas then I don’t know what is! To mark the first day of December we decided to take Sophia to visit the jolly old dude in the red suite. The time had come to visit Santa This has been booked for a while and we decided to book to visit Santa at the Trump golf club. I’ve never visited the club before but have heard great things. Let me just start off my saying it’s a beautiful place. Our visit with…

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    Turns out I stress eat – weight loss diary week two

    My weigh in day is on a Wednesday, mainly because I used Bruce’s birthday as my last day of stuffing my face. After weighing in on week one and finding out that I lost 8lbs things started to go down hill. I know for a fact this is because I had been stressed and that resulted in stress eating. One of highlights has to be when I realised I  stress eat. By stress eat I mean demolish 12 of Sophia’s chicken popcorn pieces purely because I was feeling slightly flustered. Once I realised what I had done I went and tracked them on the my fitness pal app. Thankfully the…

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    christmas gifts for a five year old – what I’ve bought so far

    I can find it difficult deciding what to buy Sophia when it comes to Christmas. I’m putting this down to the fact that in previous occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, toys just don’t get used that much. You could spend a fortune on the “in” gift this year however when it comes to Christmas gifts for a five year old who knows what will happen. For example Sophia went on about this one toy for like a year and a half. It was a white toy cat named Bianca. Once we decided to buy it for her birthday the toy wasn’t looked at for more than an hour if…

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    Weight loss diary – week one

    Well here I am at the start of my 87lbs weight loss mission. Sick and tired of being overly plump and unhealthy I’ve put my foot down. I want to share my journey each week with you hopefully to show that this can be done. Perhaps you will read this and want to join in, or maybe you’ve been there and can fire tips my way! I’ve known for a long time that this day needed to come. I could kick myself for managing to get my weight down after I had Sophia and then piling it all back on again. The only way i’m looking now is forwards. My…

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    my weight loss journey : the beginning of a 84lbs weight loss

    I can’t believe I’m writing this but I’ve finally began my weight loss journey! OK I’m only three days in but I knew straight away that I wanted to share this journey with you. I’m sure there will be highs & lows, losses & gains but I just couldn’t share this. For anyone who doesn’t know I’m Sharon. The person behind Life According To Sharon. A mother to a five year old living in Scotland, sick and tired of my weight. After I gave birth and had recovered back in 2013 I was so motivated to become healthier and drop some weight. I did pretty bloody well too! I lost…

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    October adventures in and around Aberdeen

    I made it my mission to get out and about more with Sophia during her October holidays. We had two weeks to go on adventures together and I wanted to visit places in and around Aberdeen we don’t usually visit. Autumn in Scotland is beautiful. There are plenty choices of activities around Aberdeen, even when the weather is getting on the chilly side. Two weeks, 336 hour’s with a very active five year old! Did I mention that five year olds have loads of energy? Sophia is always on the go and also loves to eat 24/7. Thankfully I had a few tricks up my sleeve to try and tire…

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    Christmas gift guide 2018

    Christmas gift shopping fills some of us with joy and the rest of us with dread. It’s the most festive time of the year, everyone is jolly, the kids are excited but you need to think of the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. If you’re like me then you are also left with your partner’s gift buying too. Because if I don’t do it then who the hell knows what his side of the family will open on Christmas day. Everyone comes out of the woodwork for some Christmas fun! There is already a list of things you need to get done! From decorating to Christmas dinner needing bought, prepared…

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    Create your very own Christmas Eve box for kids

    Christmas Eve boxes have been all the rage the past few Christmas’s. They can include snacks, a Christmas movie and even some cosy pj’s. I thought it would be a great idea to put a little guide together to help you make the perfect Christmas Eve box for your little people! Yes you could just buy a Christmas Eve box, there are some great ones out there. Although Christmas can be such a hectic time of year I do love adding small traditions for my family to enjoy. I also make it my mission to try and make sure Christmas Eve is pretty much free to enjoy quality time with…